Who We Are


Sean Nicholl - Chairman Member
Cobb County Resident 
Acworth, Ga. 30101

Mike Bearden – Board Member
Bartow County Lake Resident
White, GA 30184

Dean Bourne – Board Member
Cherokee County Lake Resident
Canton, GA 30114

Aaron Feldt – Great Lake Allatoona Clean-Up
Bartow County Lake Resident
White, GA 30184 

Greg Patton – Treasurer
Bartow County Resident
Cartersville, GA 30120

 Ira Smith – Board Member
Cherokee County Resident
Canton, GA 30014

Wilfrid W. Ward, Jr. - Membership
Cherokee County Resident
Acworth, GA 30101

Lake Greetings!

Thank you for visiting the Lake Allatoona Association (LAA).  We love this Lake with its miles of undeveloped shoreline and great coves, beaches, fishing, and amenities.  

Our mission is to be the Voice of Lake Allatoona.   Simply put, LAA works to protect water quality and water level.  To achieve these two fundamental objectives, we are working on a number of our own programs and with other entities.  These efforts relate to water quality, water level, shoreline maintenance, boating safety, and fun events like Oktoberfest.  In addition, LAA serves as an educational and knowledge resource for Lake users and government entities.  For example, to ensure that government entities understand what must be done to protect and preserve the Lake, we have developed a comprehensive Position Statement.

The recent drought was devastating to both water quantity and quality and highlighted many of the issues that need work.  We must not forget the damage that was caused to the Lake during this drought.  However, the threats to the Lake continue.  For example, the water wars have the potential to negatively affect the Lakes water levels and, therefore, quality.  We must not wait until the next drought or major crises to act to protect and preserve this Lake.

LAA has grown from a small group to over 2,000 members in just a couple of years. The members include Lake residents, day users, day boaters, fishermen, slip renters, environmentalists, and businesses on and around the Lake.  There is much that can and should be done.  Since we are all volunteers, we are able to do more with each active member, whether that is environmental protection, education, activist programs, or fun events like Oktoberfest. 

I encourage you to become involved.  If youre not already a member, please join us in this worthwhile organization.  There are many opportunities to make a real impact on one of our committees.  For example, the Oktoberfest Team is working hard to as they plan for a bigger and better event this year.

This is our Lake!  As a co-founder of LAA, I will continue to work hard and look forward to working side-by-side with you.  Together we can make a difference and ensure that this Lake is protected and our Voice heard!  

Thank you for your interest in a better future for our very special and unique, Lake Allatoona!

Sean Nicholl

Dear Lake Allatoona Supporters,
It has been a busy time for the Lake Allatoona Association (LAA) Board and its Water Resource Committee as we have begun the process of reviewing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District (USACE) official Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the update of the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin (ACT) Water Control Master Manual. The USACE has planned public meetings for comment to be held in Georgia on Monday March 25th (Cobb Conference Center) and Tuesday March 26th (the Forum Civic Center, Rome)